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PowerBank Keychain Battery Charger Review - Best Emergency

This power bank may be cheap but it will help you on emergency time. And here is the review for you..

Photo by: 9to5toys.com
One of my favorite is the black one. Bring it with your Flagship Killer Smartphones. Photo by: souq.com
And here is the video of this PowerBank Keychain Review:

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Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G Review - The Ultimate Value

After spending plenty of quality time with it, we can safely conclude that the Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G proved to be exactly what we expected. By combining quality mid-range specs headed by a large IPS display, a beefy battery with outstanding endurance, and affordable contract-free price tag, the phablet is one of the best value-centric offering available at the moment.

Photo by: pocketnow.com
Huawei’s choice for the first device to enter the US market is as curious as it is wise. While far from spectacular in terms of hardware, the Ascend Mate2 4G is still attractive thanks to the combination of sizable battery and screen it offers. It also sits in a price bracket which is devoid of direct competitors.

Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G key test findings
Build quality is exceptional, especially for the priceThe 6.1" IPS+ display looks great despite its low resolutionThe 3,900mAh battery has class leading performanceStill camera quality is goodThe native video player is well equipped to handle …

HTC One (E8) Review - Travel Phone

The HTC One series has at least one feature it can hang its hat on - premium design. This became absolutely critical with the M8, as the scorching hot flagship was outclassed by its competitors in many other areas - performance and camera being the most obvious.

Photo by: souqmobi.com
There goes the One (E8) - one that has to make do with its seemingly biggest advantage taken away, the aluminum unibody and its slick finish and chamfered edges replaced by polycarbonate. Now, isn't that a recipe for disaster? Especially for a company that's been struggling to regain lost market share, you'd think that moving away from your strongest suit would be a mistake. The HTC One (E8), however, has proven to be anything but.

Photo by: topnews.in
While the M8 is still quite a stunner whose only real rival in terms of design is the Sony Xperia Z2, it has proven to have several weaknesses that have since been taken advantage of by the competition. With the M8, HTC chose to stick to its 4M…

Asus PadFone X Review - The Ultimate High End

The Asus PadFone X is one of the best-rounded high-end propositions available in the Android realm at the moment. It skillfully blends a powerful chipset, a good display, and a capable camera into a solidly built package, thus offering a mighty good alternative to the established players on the US market.

Photo by: asus.com
The device surely is a welcome sight on the busy smartphone field in the United States by offering a combination of talents which none of its direct competitors can exactly match. Having a PadFone device offered by a major carrier such as AT&T ends years of anticipation and overpaying for grey imports to online retailers. It also gives Asus access to the vast, highly lucrative US smartphone market.

Key review findings:
The smartphone has a high-quality display, the tablet - not so muchThe tablet setup is heavy and has large bezelsBattery life of the handset is goodPerformance is excellent, though we suspect it of cheating at benchmarksThe camera captures excelle…

HTC One M8 Review - Improved Metal Body

Superb to look at and hold and extremely capable, the HTC One (M8) is a proper flagship smartphone. The development team behind it deserves praise for improving the strengths of the first generation while also addressing some of its biggest shortcomings.

The metal body has been improved and while the front facing speakers have been matched by Sony they are still a strong point in favor of the One (M8), against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G2. The presence of a microSD card slot means HTC's finest is also getting the cheaper memory expansion afforded to many of its rivals.

Photo by: T3.com
The chipset got an update to Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 801, meaning that the KitKat-topping Sense 6.0 runs as smooth as you'd expect. Speaking of the latest version of the HTC launcher, the new gesture controls and notification area toggles go a long way towards improving the user experience. Android purists will also appreciate that the M8, like its predecessor, will be a…

Nokia XL Dual SIM Review - The New X Family

The Nokia XL is the best and the brightest of the new X family but, again, it's a step up from the Asha lineup rather than something to compete with Nokia's Windows Phone offerings or even most Androids.

The Nokia XL officially targets €110 ($150), though it's currently on pre-order at €130 ($180). Admittedly, there are few phones in this price segment to have a large 5" screen, especially dual-SIM ones.

Photo by: vietanhmobile.vn
The screen has good viewing angles and colors, though sunlight legibility could've been better. The low resolution is what hurts it the most though - getting a 5" screen suggests you'll be reading plenty of text and small type just looks off due to the low pixel density.

For performance we'll say this - it's not KitKat-on-Snapdragon smooth, but you can use it daily without annoying hang-ups or slowdowns. The Nokia XL also enjoys a rich app library, Windows Phone had a tougher start in its early days.

Photo by: ebuyjo.com

Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 Review - Solid Tab

Xiaomi did well with the Mi Pad 7.9 and they know it. Very few compact, affordable tablets end up as solid as this. They need to travel light (and stay within budget) but compromises weigh them down. Well, not the Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9.

Photo by: liliputing.com
It's got a different kind of problem - at least from a certain perspective. To be fair, it takes a great deal of confidence to go after the top dog right from the very first try. And we think most of Xiaomi's confidence is well founded.

It's just that trying so hard to look like the iPad doesn't feel right, not where we come from. True, it will cost you much less and offer similar, and even superior specs, but the Mi Pad 7.9 does get carried away trying to impersonate the iPad. On the other hand, this may be a valid strategy in China and Asia Pacific where - we should not forget - this device is mostly meant for.

This by the way is easy to spot in our device, which was handed to us stripped of Google services and an…

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua Review - Modest Waterproof

A waterproofed version of one of their mass-market models is hardly the biggest thing to come out of Sony's labs this season. There's a new super-mini to look forward to and the next flagship generation, plus a couple of wearables just broke cover ahead of the IFA show. Yet, the one thing all these have in common is waterproofing, no less. A fact the Sony Xperia M2 Aqua will be keen to use to its advantage.

Just like Sony themselves will only benefit from an extra option in the lower midrange. There used to be a few affordable water resistant smartphones around but the niche is now wide open - it's been a while since we last heard of the likes of the Motorola Defy and the Samsung Xcover series.

Photo by: PhoneArena.com
The Sony Xperia M2 Aqua is otherwise nearly identical to the original. Now that the civilian M2 is getting, or about to get, its KitKat upgrade, the main differences boil down to an IPS LCD and the IP certification. The IPS panel has positively affected the …

Motorola Moto G 4G LTE Review - The Upgrade

Motorola Moto G 4G is definitely a phone many are looking forward to. It is the upgrade people wanted and Motorola delivered. The very popular Moto G was criticized about its lack of memory expansion slot and not so about the missing LTE connectivity. Well, here it is - the Moto G 4G with a microSD slot and LTE support. Motorola even managed to sneak a gyro sensor, as well. The rest of the hardware is pretty much identical to the Moto G.

Photo by: pcadvisor.co.uk
The Moto G 4G is like an expansion pack, it isn't a brand new device, a successor, a sequel. It is just an improved edition for those who wished for one. It is that simple. It comes with all pros and cons the original Moto G came sans the upgrades. Luckily, the price remains really attractive and the new features will cost you a premium of only about €35. This allows it to keep its place among the cheapest LTE-enable phones on the market.

Photo by: littlegreenrobot.co.uk

After we did all our test, we found the Moto G 4G p…

Xiaomi MI3 Review - Premium and Stylish

Xiaomi Mi 3 offers everything a flagship should have - premium and stylish design, a top-quality display, latest generation chipset, capable camera and snappy Android KitKat with great MIUI launcher. As it always happens there is more to the story.
Photo by: www.aboveandroid.com
Xiaomi's best-selling smartphone is made to stand out. You'll recognize it not only by its aesthetics, but also by its user-friendly MIUI.
The MIUI ROMs have gained tremendous popularity over the past years and have accumulated a massive user base and attracted a lively developing community (though the shared information is mostly in Chinese). Some of Xiaomi's rival even launched their own Android skins, somewhat inspired by MIUI's success. But MIUI has been designed to work on a Xiaomi phone in the first place and that's why it feels right at home on the Mi 3. It's a combination you'll probably pick in a heartbeat. It is easy to see why people want it - it is affordable enough, yet…

OnePlus One Review - The Real Flagship Killer

Devices that excel at everything usually fetch a hefty price but occasionally users will have a tougher riddle to solve. The OnePlus One is a great device with an even better price tag. You probably want it but can't get it. Bummer. This flagship killer's biggest problem is there may not be flagships left to kill by the time it's done handing out the invites.

Yet, the One is your kind of phone if you like surprises - and believe in delaying pleasure. It's the phone for Android purists and modders, running the highly customizable CyanogenMod with over the air updates.

If that's Android how you like it and phablet size isn't a deal-breaker, the One also comes with flagship-grade hardware at the price of a mini, at most. You get Snapdragon 801, 3GB of RAM, 4K video recording, a FullHD 1080p display and a whopping 64 gigs of storage - that's a respectable list by any standard.

Beyond the mechanical sum of specs, the OnePlus One truly handles well - the UI is bu…