Nokia XL Dual SIM Review - The New X Family

The Nokia XL is the best and the brightest of the new X family but, again, it's a step up from the Asha lineup rather than something to compete with Nokia's Windows Phone offerings or even most Androids.

The Nokia XL officially targets €110 ($150), though it's currently on pre-order at €130 ($180). Admittedly, there are few phones in this price segment to have a large 5" screen, especially dual-SIM ones.

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The screen has good viewing angles and colors, though sunlight legibility could've been better. The low resolution is what hurts it the most though - getting a 5" screen suggests you'll be reading plenty of text and small type just looks off due to the low pixel density.

For performance we'll say this - it's not KitKat-on-Snapdragon smooth, but you can use it daily without annoying hang-ups or slowdowns. The Nokia XL also enjoys a rich app library, Windows Phone had a tougher start in its early days.

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The camera was a half pleasant surprise too, the still camera can be a good 5MP shooter with some tweaking. The video camera doesn't cut it though. That said, it's miles ahead of what Asha phones could do (VGA at ~20fps at best, typically QVGA @ 15 fps).

There are a few other things you'll need to tweak when you buy the Nokia XL too, including syncing your contacts either manually or via an app. Getting a microSD card is also a must, the 1GB or so left available to the user is just not enough.

We do appreciate the Nokia HERE Drive app though - with a license for offline navigation of most of the world and a large screen with good viewing angels, the XL can easily beat a dedicated SatNav and twice as expensive Androids (don't forget to add the price of an offline navigation app when looking at other phones).

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